Q. What are the advantages of a Steel building?
  A. Steel is a highly durable and reliable building material. These steel office buildings can withstand virtually any weather condition and will retain their sturdy structure over the years. The investment made on a steel building is as solid as steel. Steel building offers flexibility of designand unlimited floor plans & layouts in clear span building construction.
  Q. What are applications of a steel building?
  A. The options are unlimited.  Some examples are Industrial buildings, Commercial buildings, Institutional Buildings, aircraft hangars, sea ports, Sports complexes and stadia, agricultural storage, cold storage, automobile workshop, garage, and public infrastructure buildings.
  Q. Apart from strength, will your steel building look attractive?
  A. Use of state of art software for designing and adopting most modern techniques for production and installation, has made building with steel is not only for durability and strength but also for aesthetic feasibility.
  Q. Can the buildings be expanded or modified in future?
  A. All our steel buildings can be expanded and modified to your needs and desires at any time.
  Q. How to determine what type of building is needed for a particular application?
  You may decide your building based on the following factors.  
> Interior space requirements
> Overhead clearances
> Preference for exterior appearance
> Existing architecture, if any.
If you are still not sure of deciding on what type of building will suit your requirement, just send us your query and our rep will always be ready to help you out.
  Q. Can the steel building be relocated to a new place?
  A. All our pre engineered steel buildings can be relocated at any time to any place.
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